Welcome to Lake Country Physical Therapy

As soon as you step through our doors you will see why we are truly different. With staff who want to see you get better and reach your full potential it is easy to see why we are such an excellent choice when you are deciding which clinic to go to.  Here we not only have all the tools and equipment for you to make a speedy recovery we also take the time to tailor every therapy exercise program to fit you and your goals. With our very knowledgeable therapist and therapy staff we are fully confident in your satisfaction with your recovery process.

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Here you can see just a small portion of our gym, we have bikes, an elliptical, and a treadmill. All are used for good warm-ups for knee and back rehab. 


Here a patient is pictured warming up on our elliptical, that is not all we have here at Lake Country. We also have balancing equipment as well as a full gym set up for all rehab needs. 

13 (1).jpg

15 (1).jpg


We also offer tons of band work, here we have a patient showing one of his exercises with the band. Bands are mainly used in our facility for shoulder rehab but we also use them for ankle rehabilitation and more.